As a manufacturer we are always in a look out to use our machine potencial the most efficiently. That's why we are able offer additional services like: steel forming (wire, sheets, profiles, pipes), MIG / TIG welding, powder coating.

Wire Bending 2D / 3D

We offer a high-performance production process of wire elements.
  • Wire bending range from 2mm to 12mm;
  • Materials range, black steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, brass, copper;
  • Difficult bending in 3D technology, in seven axes;
  • Bending without limit of rotation of the workpiece relative to the head;
  • Unlimited number of bends for a single element;
  • CNC numeric machines with the highest performance and repeatability on the market .

Laser cutting of metal sheets

We offer fast and accurate cutting of sheet metal, profiles, pipes using laser fiber technology.
  • Cutting sheet thickness range up to 20 mm;
  • Processed materials Black steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass;
  • Cutting speed, sheet metal up to 1500x3000mm up to 900kg up to 5 m / s acceleration up to 6G without restriction;
  • NLinear actuators for superior performance and cutting accuracy;
  • FIBER technology to cut at the lowest cost;
  • Ability to cut holes with a diameter smaller than sheet thickness.

Folding / forming sheets

We offer precise bending on edge and eccentric presses.
  • Bending range of sheets up to 3110mm with press up to 100T;
  • Complicated bending on 7 axes CNC numerically controlled edge presses ;
  • Bending on machines with automatic deflection of bending beam;
  • Ability to bend on custom tools made individually for ordered details ;
  • Our own Know-How for individual tools for atypical sheet metal forming.

Multi-point welding

We offer multi-point welding of wire meshes and grids
  • Welding range up to 1250 mm wide and 5000 mm long ;
  • Welding black and stainless steel;
  • Welding of straight planes and irregular shapes;
  • Welding of straight rods / wires and already bent / molded ;
  • Possibility of attaching 2D and 3D components to previously welded surfaces ;
  • The ability to bend, roll, grind, trim the already welded elements.

Welding of wire and sheet metal

In addition to multi-point welding, we also offer single point welding.
  • Cross-welding of wires;
  • Range of butt welding to 14 mm bars;
  • Production of specialized welding equipment for atypical products.

MIG and TIG welding

We offer welding services for steel elements and other metal alloys.
  • Range up to 300 mm for overall dimensions;
  • Precision welding in individual welding instruments;
  • Butt welding, fillet welding, plug welding;
  • Welding in numerically controlled rotary knobs for decorative welded joints.

Powder coating

We offer powder coating service for steel products and aluminum alloy . Range of powder coating:
  • Full color palette according to RAL catalog ;
  • Preparation of the workpiece surface before powder coating;
  • Individual approach to atypical elements.

Perforation of closed profiles (rectangular, semicircular and round):

We offer perforation services for closed profiles.
  • Range: cold rolled and hot rolled profiles, stainless steel and aluminum profiles, ;
  • Maximum length up to 3000mm;
  • Max height / profile diameter up to 100mm;
  • Perforated openings of any shape and quantity ;
  • Wide range of cross-sections profile walls to 0.5-6mm.

Sheet metal perforation

We offer sheet metal perforation.
  • Size range up to 3000x1500mm;
  • Fly-Cut high-performance cutting system;
  • Regular and irregular shapes ;
  • Technical engraving.

Bending of pipes and profiles

We offer bending and shaping of pipes and profiles:
  • Range up to 6000mm of bent components;
  • Bending to a diameter of 60mm, profiles up to 60mm wide;
  • Cutting the ends of the components to the desired length.
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