2D / 3D Wire bending

Wire and bar machining is included in our offer of services/production process with the help of the extensive technology park which we own. CNC machines for wire bending as well as “MultiSlide” CNC machines that we have, allow us for an unlimited number of bends of a single element. For the production of Automotive, Home Appliances, Furniture Industry and the metal industry, we make elements on benders using specialized equipment for large-scale production under very tight dimensional tolerances.

We have no restrictions as to the shape of the bent element. We currently produce approximately 1 million elements per month for numerous EU customers. Bends are performed with no limit of element rotation relative to the head and no limit on length of the element. Our machines can also perform wire pressing, wire threading, wire flattening, wire chamfering, wire butt welding, wire coiling, etc. We use black and stainless steel as well as aluminum, brass or copper alloys in the production processes.

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