Bending / forming metal sheets

The most common way of forming metal (despite laser cutting) is bending and forming with the help of dedicated tools. Eldrut’s machine park offers precise sheet metal forming on press brakes and eccentric presses as well as on specialized tools/instruments.

The ownership of CNC bending machines from 4 numeric axes up to 17 axes ensures the execution of the most complicated bending elements. Thanks to such machine park, we perform bending extremely quickly while maintaining the assumed tolerance of bent pieces. Bending on our machines is a perfect combination of efficiency and profitability as well as speed – we are able to rearm the machines in moreless 10 minutes.

The maximum range of bent sheets is 3110 mm with a maximum pressure of 100 T. When performing unusual elements, we use our own Know-How in the production of individual tools. Additional advantages of our machines used for sheet metal forming are bending on machines with automatic bending beam deflection compensation and the ability of bending with a torsional rear bumper beam for bending oblique sheet formats.

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