Multi-point welding and CNC welding on coordinate-welding machines

Another service provided by our technology park is multi-point welding of wire meshes and trusses as well as welding of spatial elements on coordinate welding machines. The range of our welders is 1250 mm of width and 5000 mm length. The welding process is carried out primarily with the use of black and stainless steel, on both : straight surfaces and irregular shapes.

Thanks to the use of double tables, the loading process of placing the raw material in the workplace and the welding process itself takes place at the same time, what reduces the costs of provided services . XYZ coordination welding allows welding in one machining cycle of welding complicated elements where spot, projection, multipoint and projection welding with creases are required. All of this is possible with the use of several welding tools on one machine head.

Welding service is carried out on both straight rods and on those previously formed. It is possible to weld the joints: rod + rod, rod + sheet metal, sheet metal + sheet metal. It is possible to weld 2D and 3D forms to previously welded surfaces. If the design requires it, there is a possibility of bending, rolling, grinding or cutting the welded detail.

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