Vending machine for selling drinks or snacks (EL-12045s)

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Category: Vending Machines / Parcel Lockers

Vending machine for the sale of drinks (or snacks) equipped with a touch screen, offering both traditional and non-cash payment. The vending machine is characterized by high capacity and the possibility of personalization. The vending machine has infrared sensors that guarantee the release of the product and an elevator that allows for safe dispensing of products. The machine is equipped with mounting anchoring holes, which protect against shifting or tilting. The vending machine can be extended with additional functions such as: monitoring, burglar alarm or WiFi / GSM module (allows for remote control of the machine and access to warehouse management).

  • material: steel, DI-BONT composite material, magnetic mats, multimedia system
  • dimensions: 2000x1450x850mm
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