We design, we produce, we introduce

Wire bending 2D/3D

We design and manufacture as a direct supplier for big worldwide known brands.We also fulfill orders as subcontractor, basing on our customers’ technical documentation.

We offer highly efficient production process of wire elements.

  • Wire bending range from 2mm to 12mm
  • Materials range, black steel, stainless steel and alloys of aluminum , brass and copper,
  • Complex bend in 3D technology, in seven axis,
  • Bending wiht unlimited rotation of the workpiece relative to the head,
  • Indefinite number of bends for a single element,
  • CNC machines with the highest avaible level of performance and repeatability.

Laser cutting of sheet metal

We offer fast and accurate cutting of sheet metal, profiles, pipes using laser fiber technology.

  • Sheet metal thickness range up to 20 mm,
  • Used materials: Black steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass,
  • Maximum working area 1500x3000mm, up to 900kg,
  • Cutting speed can reach 5m/s, acceleration up to 6g, with no risk of breaking,
  • NLinear actuators for superior performance and high accuracy,
  • FIBER technology allow us to cut at the lowest possible cost,
  • Ability to cut holes with a diameter smaller than sheet thickness.

Bending/forming sheet metal

We offer precise bending on brake and eccentric presses

  • Bending range of sheets up to 3110mm with pressure force reaching up to 100T,
  • Complex bending on even 7 axis CNC press brakes,
  • Our press brake have automatic compensation of bending beam’s deflection,
  • Bending with the usage of torsional rear bumper’s beam to bend oblique format sheets,
  • Ability to bend on customized tools made especially for ordered items,
  • Our own Know-How of special tools for atypical sheet metal forming.

Multi-point welding

We offer multi-point welding of wire meshes and grids

  • Welding range up to 1250 mm wide and 5000 mm long,
  • Welding of black and stainless steel,
  • Welding of both – straight planes and irregular shapes,
  • Welding of straight rods / wires and already bent / molded as well,
  • Welding posibilities : rod+rod, rod+sheet metal, sheet metal+sheet metal,
  • Possibility of attaching 2D and 3D components to previously welded surfaces,
  • Ability of bending, rolling, grinding, cutting already welded elements.

Welding of wire and sheet metal

In addition to multi-point welding, we also offer single point welding.

  • Cross welding of wires, tail welding of fasteners, butt welding of wire frames,
  • Tail resistant welding machines power range up to 80kva,
  • Range of butt welding up to 14 mm bars,
  • Production of dedicated welding equipment for atypical products.

MIG and TIG welding

We offer welding services for steel elements and other metal alloys.

  • Range up to 3000 mm for large-size components,
  • Precise welding in individual welding apparatus,
  • Butt welding, fillet welding, plug welding,
  • Welding in numerically controlled welding turntables for decorative welded joints.

Powder coating

We offer powder coating service for steel products and aluminum alloy . Range of powder coating services :

  • Full palette of colors according to RAL’s catalog,
  • Preparation of the workpiece’s surface before powder coating,
  • Individual approach to special elements.

Closed profiles perforation

We offer perforation services for closed profiles

  • Range of services: cold / hot rolled profiles, stainless steel profiles and aluminum profiles,
  • Maximum lenght – 3000mm,
  • Maximum profile’s height/diameter – 100mm,
  • Perforated holes of any shape and quantity,
  • Wide range of cross-sections profile walls – from 0.5mm to 6mm,

Sheet metal perforation

We offer sheet metal perforation.

  • Size range up to 3000x1500mm,
  • Highly effective Fly-Cut system (cutting „on the fly”),
  • Both regular and irregular shapes,
  • Technical engraving,
  • Optimization of the objects collocated virtually on metal sheets,

Pipes/tubes and profiles bending

We offer bending and shaping services of pipes and profiles:

  • Range up to 6000mm of bent components,
  • Pipes bending of a maximum diameter of 60mm, profiles bending up to 60mm wide,
  • Cutting the ends of the components to reach the desired length,

Plasting forming of steel

We offer services of:

  • Embossing,
  • Extrusion,
  • Punching,
  • Rolling,
  • Pressure force up to 80tons. Machining materials : Black steel, stainless steel, aluminium, brass and copper.