Pedal disinfector Tower 25L (TW25)




  • disinfector with its own pumping system- operated with the foot;
  • capacity 25 liter;
  • matched to any 1L, 5L, 10L, 15L, 20L, 25L canister available on the market (the customer buys and installs in the Disinfector without unnecessary fluid overflow);
  • works with liquids of any consistency;
  • has a liquid door closed with a key (one-key system),
  • has a foot mechanism, It doesn’t need any power supply or batteries;
  • product has a drip tray with an insert made of stainless steel INOX;
  • the structure is very stable due to the large base and high weight;
  • it has a self-supporting structure, there is no need to attach it to the ground or wall;
  • in the case that the Client decides to affix for anti-theft purposes it has mounting holes for the floor, walls;
  • the whole is made of metal;
  • powder coated element, despite the drip tray, which is made of INOX stainless steel.

Everything is produced in Poland, from materials and components of Polish origin

For outdoor use, a version made entirely of INOX stainless steel is available, which is resistant to any weather conditions

Possibility to choose an individual color according to the colors of the RAL palette