Food vending machine (EL-38119s)

Category: Vending Machines / Parcel Lockers

Our dinner machine is a great way to solve the issue of selling meals in a company, shops or other public places. The meal vending machine is integrated with an intuitive interface with a 22 inch touch screen. The modular design allows the size and capacity to be adapted to the requirements of the location. The storage space is air-conditioned to maintain the desired temperature level. The machine can be supplied with an automatic microwave system that makes it possible to heat up dinners. The device is equipped with a telemetry system that enables remote full quality control. The lunch vending machine can be integrated with the SLAVE Spirals vending machine and work as one system. All payment methods, including QR codes and RFID cards, are available in the device. Another feature is the ability to display a multimedia presentation on additional screens. Optionally there is a module with an RGB projector which displays the Customer’s logo on the ground.

  • material: steel, plastic, multimedia system
  • dimensions: 2264x3380x450mm
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